TO ALL MEMBERS: As most of you know by now the .NING group is now starting to charge for the use of their site.

Now as good Christians, we can not let Carolyn bear all this charge on herself as she is wanting to do at this time. I am asking everyone who is a member to help her with this .NING fee. I have no Idea what the charge is, but I am sure with each and everyone of us donating money every month to her to help with this charge this would make all of us feel a lot better. There is no reason to make her pay this charge just to keep this site. So we all

need to write her and let her know that we are willing to help in this matter. I thank each and everyone of you for

giving this matter some thought. You will feel much better doing this little bit to help in spreading the word of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. God Bless everyone of you Dear Christians.


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Comment by Carolyn Dickerson on July 17, 2010 at 4:54pm
hanks John for the kind words.......I want to keep this site and will do what ever it takes......I have collected $1.00 from several folks and will post who has paid......I think a dollar a year from each member will be sufficient...but I know there will be a lot that don't read this or will just forget......I think our site has come a long way from the first page....
Again, Thanks..
Carolyn Dickerson

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