A lil change to our Gene McDonald Trivia, Surprise giveway...this will be our last one for now, but stay tuned, as we are always wanting to share and show our appreciation for your loving support. So put ya thinking caps on, this next one could be YOU!!!!

We will be giving away only 2 more gifts this coming Friday at 5 pm....

Invite your friends & those that love Gene, to visit www.genemcdonaldmusic.com...While there take a look around, join us in fun and on the front/top, right hand corner there, click "like my facebook fanpage" , so that they can join us for our second part Gene McDonald Trivia. This Friday (6th) @ 5 pm eastern, we will post our trivia question. Be the first to answer correctly!

The SECOND surprise will go out to FAN # 100, here on the official Facebook GM fan Site!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, feel free to share on the blogs, forums, and members areas of my site, as well as here on our Facebook Page. We would love to share with all of you and get to know our friends more. Mingle amongst yourselves, have fun, lift each other up, and keep on a praying together! If you have a comment, a favorite song, concert, memory, prayer request, praise reports, scripture, photo's, etc....PLEASE SHARE...We are waiting to hear from you!

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