Folks, this is a great website. Tell your friends and let's get some "joiners." This is one of the nicest set up sites I've seen and rivals Facebook in a lot of ways. We, the members of Heart to Heart, love the Lord, love Southern Gospel music and really appreciate Carolyn's hard work in making this happen.

Ps. 13:6 I will sing to the Lord because He hath dealt bountifully with me.

Praise God. Have a blessed day.

Jerry and Sharon Mays, Heart to Heart

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Comment by Belinda Venters Clark on October 12, 2009 at 10:15pm
Thanks so much for the new picture. I think you've done such a great job on this website! There are many great pictures, especially those shoes of Tommy's. I've never seen another pair like them, and I doubt I ever will
again, well at least until he wears them next time. Hopefully soon, we'll all be able to be on the chat line at the same time. I'm quiet, but I love to listen. Thanks for keeping me informed, here and at work. I never know
when I'll be able to join in, but when you have sometime, you can call me if I'm not already on. Thanks for all you do for Tommy, and especially God! Love you guys - BHill
Love ya, Belinda

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